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Reference books/material for theatrical carpentry?


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Hello all,


I had the benefit of training at LAMDA on the theatre technical course where you get to work on every department in a typical theatre, though I specialising in lighting. Since my training I have worked as a dep lx as well as being the designated sound person too. This means that while I had training and helped to build entire sets out of wood and metal its been 7+ years since I've done more than light carpentry maintenance or building the odd thing for the workshop.


Sadly due to a few bad events all of my course material is no longer with me. I'm currently starting to plan a personal project where I will be also constructing large amounts of the set. Googling for reminders is helping to bring back my dusty memory from set construction, but having a good book/recommended reading material to take the place of my lost notes would be a huge help.


Anyone got any suggestions?





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