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converting a speaker signal to a headphone signal


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Hi all,


Not sure if this should be in the general technical forum but I thought I would give it a go here!





Long story short I bought a TomTom Bluetooth sat nav with a view to using it via a Bluetooth headset on the motorbike (as I was too tight to buy the hugely expensive TomTom Rider series)


I have just found out that the Bluetooth only connects to phones! so no good for what I want. So I was thinking if I could buy a cheap Bluetooth transmitter that could work. The TomTom doesn't have and audio jack so I wondered how easy it would be to wire in an attenuated 3.5mm jack off the speaker feed?


It should only be a resistor or 2 shouldn't it?





Does anyone have an idea of how to go about this?


Thanks in advance.




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To be honest, I picked up a possibly crappy Lidl/Aldi wired intercom for bikes with the intention of bunging my existing basic Tom Tom into a tupperware box and leaving the Mic in there!

it was £9.99 or something. A bit basic but a plastic box and some blutac and you're off.


I googled "TomTom Modification Motorbike" and loads came up



470 ohms seems to do it

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Dave m


thanks for that, I will google that ( I have just been googling speaker signal to headphone)







Its not going to the headset direct but to a buetooth transmitter.


I am guessing that will be 23ohm (standard headphone impedance) I wont know the speaker until I actually receive the unit.









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