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Hey Guys


Have any af you guys got a spare fat frog PSU, or any idea how I could make one.


The Pin configs are a follows


PIN1: 0V

PIN2: +5V DC 5.0a

PIN3: +12V DC 1.0a

PIN4: -12V DC 0.1a




Thanks in advance


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In the long term, yes, obviously I'd buy the real thing but as a short term, show must go on job, a PC PCU would do just fine. Red = +5v Yellow = +12v Black = Gnd Green = startup, short to Gnd to turn PSU on.


I didn't get the impression that the OP was sat in a conference suite with a dead Frog needing a new PSU and was looking at nearby PC's and wondering "Hmmm - could I...?"


Long term or short term, any Zero88 dealer will either have spare PSU's on the shelf or could order one from the factory to go direct to the customer and should get there in 3 working days (at most). A decent dealer - if they haven't got one on the shelf and you're really pushed might even loan you one from hire or demo stock - we certainly would. :rolleyes:

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