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Wireless low voltage dimming


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I've been asked to look into dimming some birdies remotely. We only need to dim a couple of them, but they're on a movable part of the set (on the revolve) so we can't run power to them directly. We're thinking wireless DMX then low voltage DC dimmer and powering the birdies off a 12V battery in the set. We have radio controlled relays, but dimming the birdies would be preferable.


I'm after recommendations for kit. What have people used that is simple, reliable and inexpensive. My first thought was City Theatrical, but I'm open to suggestions. Not looking to buy the kit at this stage (although it's the sort of thing that would be useful to have in our inventory) so we'd be looking to hire it in for two weeks (possibly three) for a show that runs from 24th April to 3rd May.

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Any suggestions for stockists with RC4 to hire - the London number for Theatre Wireless just rings and rings.


Our usual go to - Whitelight - don't list the RC4 gear, which is a shame.




Kave might be able to help us, which is excellent. Fingers crossed.

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