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Using Live Video Feeds with Screen Monkey


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Hi All,


Can anyone please give me a bit of guidance in using live video feeds in Screen Monkey.


I have a new build Windows 7 PC with a newly installed 8 input PCI video acquisition card which appears to work with the PVR/CCTV type software that came on the driver disk. However in SM I get no option to use these video sources..


Edit:.. This is the card: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00ADIRAOI


(BTW: I am not trying run the two applications together..)


Please can someone shed some light on this...


Many thanks

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Hi Folks,


We have a school production of We Will Rock You fast approaching and need Screen Monkey to switch live camera feeds and images/video and can not get live video to work.. (see original post above)


Camera to FOH PC Control distance is 20m.. Due to the number of live sources it seems a PC card with multiple inputs is logical (as opposed to USB capture devices)


Can anyone please let me have a make & model of PCI video capture card that is know and proven to work in SM?


All help is very much appreciated..


BTW: I've posted my question on the Screen Monkey forum but have not received an answer yet.

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What outputs do you have on your cameras?

I suspect you won't have SDI otherwise a BlackMagic Designs card should do the job. If analogue, a Viewcast Osprey card would be the way to go - they're specifically mentioned in Screenmonkey's instructions. I've used them for live streaming before, although not with Screenmonkey - they're very good. As with all things decent in the world of video, they're not particularly cheap though.


You might be better off procuring a small vision mixer (Panasonic AVE55 for example) - it'll be significantly easier to work with and as they're quite old now, should be a very cheap hire.

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I'd have thought that you're better to go for an old video mixer as suggested.


in my experience, pretty much every computer solution has too much delay for a large screen above a stage. It's ok to record or webcast bt not where the audience can see both.


There are also (probably harder to get) vertical interval switchers that will do the same as a vision mixer, but cut only.

Both solutions delay the video signal a tiny bit in order to wait for the exact sync pointy to cut the video.


When using vision mixers I have found that a vey short fade is better than a cut as it removes the risk of a stutter at cut

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Hi Shez & Dave, and thanks for the reply's.


The cameras in question are a mixture of Elmo remote control colour and some elderly Panasonics. Both types output composite on BNC's.


Please forgive my ignorance here but is there a name for the type of video card technology you describe (Viewcast Osprey card) vs the type I picked up for £20 from Amazon?


Latency is an issue but this is a school production and providing it's not beyond, say, 500ms, I think the audience will forgive us..


The price of the VO card is indeed steep. A video mixer would be the way forward but new, even from the semi pro providers like Roland/Edirol are staggeringly expensive for what they are.. (Again, forgive my ignorance on the inner workings)


In this instance I don't need wipes,dissolves, captions, CSO, etc, just a way of switching between a few sources on a PC and a few cameras.


I have a plan B, of borrowing a video mixer and that might be the only, reliable, simple way forward. I would though, like to sort it in-house if at all possible.


Again, sincere thanks for your help and advice on this.

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I don't think there's a specific name that would distinguish between a cctv type capture card and something a bit higher end. Brand names can give some indication - Osprey and BMD both make very good video hardware. To be honest, I would be amazed if a £20 eight channel video capture card would work at all let alone well but the reviews suggest that for cctv work it obviously does. I imagine Screenmonkey needs a card that adheres to certain standards or uses a certain type of driver although the instructions are a little vague.


I would still aim for the vision mixer route - it's the kind of thing your local AV company will probably have sat on the shelf as there's not much demand for composite video devices any more. It should be a cheap hire. I know ebay isn't exactly school finance department friendly but looking through the completed listings, there are plenty of decent mixers that went for well under £200 and would probably sell again afterwards if you didn't need it again.


Another option would be to crash switch your cameras - it's clunky but very cheap. You'll get a glitch when you switch of course.

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Hi folks,


Support/answers from SM have been very unhelpful/non existent to say the least and under the circumstances I'm ditching the idea of switching live video with SM and resorting plan B in the form of a borrowed video mixer.


Many thanks for all your input and help on this thread.



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We did WWRY 2 years ago and I spent many hours looking at software options (screen monkey and powerpoint and several VJ titles) to mix pre recorded video and live video. We ended up with 2 dvd players with the same disk in each so we could cross fade between the 2 with each scene being a different chapter and a 4 channel vision mixer. We also had 4 live camera positions and moved the camera as required which did mean a repatch mid show but did not cause a problem. If I was doing it again I would definitely use a vision mixer again, the pupils worked out how to use it in under 15mins and they made hardly any mistakes and it was the part of the show I thought would give us the biggest problem but once set up it needed very little adult attention.






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If You need HD switching/mixing with low latency (1 frame w/o genlock according to specs) and can get by without a hardware surface, the BlackMagic ATEM Television Studio might work. SDI/HDMI as well as computer inputs and a very clever preview system. A bit more expensive than the CCTV card but it might be possible to rent one?
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