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Auction at Doncaster Civic Theatre...


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Just received a link for an auction of fixtures & fittings at the Doncaster Civic Theatre. Now, there's nothing really there to interest me as such but was a little surprised that a goodly number of items are "Buyer to disconnect and remove" which struck me as a little odd.


In particular, there are lots 149 thru 152 - 19m of piping, which looks to be the CH water pipes, along with cast iron radiators as well a variety of electrical fixtures.


I've not seen an auction advertise items in quite this way - or have I led too sheltered a life?

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Ooh, ooh, dibs on the "Broken Sack Barrow"!


I've had the removal conditions at other sales - notably at a bankrupt nightclub where the instruction from the auctioneer was that everything had to be removed "in a workmanlike fashion" which of course most people ignored. We managed to defray the cost of some of our purchases by charging other buyers to remove their items, since we'd come armed with ladders and winches and they hadn't.


I guess the building must be getting reused for something without massive renovations, so whilst they want to get money for their remaining dross they don't want bare wires left hanging out the wall etc. etc.

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