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Need a Narnia Tent


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Need a battlefield tent for our production of Lion, Witch and Wardrobe. We were going to borrow from another production but that has fallen through at last minute and show is next week.

Any advice on where to hire, borrow a tent similar to this. We are not adverse to two dimensional versions as long as Aslan can come through the door.


Also if there is any suggestions on an easy low budget way to make one or something similar that would be helpful as well




Stage Door Youth theatre.

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either an el-cheapo gazebo from ebay with a different covering (a pain to make up in a hurry and takes up a lot of room in the wings.

you can take the standard frame and add a vertical pole in the centre of the top to change the shape.



a hoola-hoop/ bit of plastic pipe formed to a circle and the fabric draped around it. Either use a central pole or fly the tent's centre. use the pipe above head height to make the tent flare out

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