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Flash on bass of audio input.

Craig A

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Hi all


I've recently added an audio input into my lighting desk to trigger chases for dance shows, bands etc. It's working fine and my chases move through steps when they're driven by the bass. However, now I want to set up a scene where selected lights flash on the bass, not just change step. Does anyone have any input into how I can do this, as I don't even know where to start if I'm completely honest!?

I'm using a Leap Frog 96 and I have had a look and can't think of anything. I don't believe I've missed anything so blatently obvious but as I never cease to amaze myself, if you have what seems a very simple solution please put it forward!


Thanks in advance.

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2 step chase , lights on.lights off



That would require two triggers. What I'm looking for is for the lights to flash on and off on the same step with one bass trigger e.g four bass beats would be four flashes on and off.

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I used to have a multi channel digital noise gate that could output Midi. Attach that to the lighting desk, and we could get each tom & the bass drum to light up when they were hit which looked quite cool.



I love doing that!! Great for drum solos. Thats what I do now with a Genesis trib. band.


With what the OP is trying to get at, I think MIDI's the most straight forward option.


Yeah that's the sort of thing I want it for, fast riff fillers in songs and the likes.


So sound is most definitely the weakest part of my game and I've never used anything MIDI so could anyone quite basically (by quite I mean very) sum up what I would need to have/get/do for this?

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