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Loose lamp fitting on Fresnel Spot


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We have some Elation Fresnel Theatre Spots which use a T19 240V 1000W Halogen lamp. On some of the fixtures I notice that the socket has loose fit, as if the two holes are bigger then they should be or something is not clicking/clamping in place when inserted.


Is there a way to tighten the socket mechanism, as it seems just a 2 pin socket that you simply push the bulb into.


I am not a lighting technician myself but any advise and guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks



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They are standard T11/19 holder Depending on specifics there might be a block to get the lamp in the right plane to the reflector and lens. Someone like Peter Searles at AC Entertainments is always helpful with matters like this. I find with the smaller lamp in minuettes people dont realise the pins are different size and force it in the wrong way round. It work for a while but the arcing starts on the undersize pin and writes off both lamp and holder
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