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JBL Control 23AV

Gareth A

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I have 4 JBL Control 23av units. They are 8 ohm units.


However, I am luckily in the position to have a QSC processor system which monitors all the loadings and power usage coming out of the amplifiers. The speakers are showing a ohm reading of close to 500 ohm. Which I know is definitely wrong. I've already changed the cable, and checked the amp channel using a known good speaker, and its ok.


So definitely the speaker.


When I measured the drivers inside, they both come back with a reading of 4 ohm.


Im guessing its something to do with the snazzy little transformer in there, however thats just a big pile of glue .!


Any ideas where I should be checking.



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I do have to laugh when people come to this group before looking at the manufacturers website or Googling the product. The JBL website clearly details the speaker as coming with a transformer for 70 or 100 volt line use and with an 8 ohms through setting. It would appear that transformer is in circuit. Look at the user manual to set the speaker for 8 ohm use. What is wrong with reading the manual for a piece of kit?
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FYI - Note my location. Google - does not work here defiantly.


Also my mistake - its a Control 23 (Ignore the AV).


The PDF Sheet which I have in front of me for this unit - definitely says nothing about 70v or 100v.




If I am still missing it then do say. And FYI I had looked at the manual more than once to check. However as I wrote AV (Because we replaced them with Control 25AV then you are correct they do have. Sorry I just remembered wrong and apologise GR1 for not reading it before posting.


But back to the original post now - any more thoughts!?

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