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Happy Birthday Peter


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Now, I'm not suggesting that we start a thread every time it's someone's birthday, but it is his site:


It's Peter's 18th today. So: (Singing)


Happy Birthday to you. :unsure:

Happy Birthday to you. ;)

Happy Birthday Dear Peter......... ;)

Happy Birthday to you. B)



Congrats. Welcome to adult life...and all the terribleness that involves...like jobs.

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*goes a bright shade of red - Rosco26, for example*


Gee a thread just to say happy birthday to me? Thanks everyone. Sorry I didnt come online yesterday, but I was off sampling the delights of adult life - cocktails, etc.


If anyone wants to buy me a "happy birthday" drink on Wednesday, feel free.... but please.... not too many *holds his head* the way it feels right now, I might still be hung over from this one!



Thanks for everyones replies on here and all the PM's I got... anyone would think I was popular or something?!



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well peter, your a man now so when we all meet up you can have a drink, as im sure you would not have otherwise...  ;)

So you'll have to start behaving like a man.....

Not sure whether to be insulted or not...

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Ever had a B-52?

Isn't that an american airforce bomber?

Ooooo.... this WILL be interesting.


Here's a clue: Baileys, Tequila, Grand Marnier. Light, and down in one (this is the only way to drink it). It's surprisingly pleasant and really does beat the socks of any "shots" you can buy over the counter.



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