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HSE Seminar on Event Safety


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This exciting and timely seminar is a must for anyone involved in the operational planning of exhibitions, conferences, events, theatre production, entertainment and TV. Construction Design and Management (CDM) 2014 is likely to apply to all these sectors.


More here.



PS, anyone spot the interesting HSE opinion in there?

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Despite being listed on the HSE website the course is being run by an organisation who make their money selling training courses/certifications to people who want to be "elf n safety" reps. I'm constantly amazed by the /implied/ claims and rule changes they mention when selling their events which don't seem to get mentioned by anyone else.
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I somehow suspect that a seminar entitled "Event safety - how CDM might just affect your events, but you won't learn anything more than what was said in a fairly sensible, common sense and non dramatic way (for free) at PLASA, and isn't it good that IOSH wish to become "the definitive voice for sports grounds and events safety issues"" would attract quite so many attendees... ;-)
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Yes it is for H&S professionals.

No it isn't profit making, these IOSH gatherings are self-financing members group affairs.

Yes you will find CDM applying to major events builds.

No that is nothing new, HSE has always had responsibility for temporary structure like stages and grandstands.

Yes their actually enforcing it will be a new thing.

Yes CDM 2014 does change things.

No it won't happen in 2014, more likely October 2015 after the election.

No it won't make a blind bit of difference to reputable contractors, you guys are already doing what is required.


We have known about all this for years and the Olympics merely made the implementation of CDM in events virtually inevitable. After some initial difficulty the events sector proved that it can work for and with construction companies using CDM with little trouble. The specifics will need consultation but gigs like Glasto really should be CDM gigs and in the main are run exactly like a CDM gig already.


I won't go because I have retired but Simon could have a chat with his Derby colleague, Limbo, and report back with more details. Richard might just be promo-ing the Purple Guide but he will know the HSE angle.

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