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Sound equipment "furniture"


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Hi all


Looking to install some equipment into a school. They aren't keen on anything that looks like a flight case as it looks too industrial, so needs to be something ideally in beech wood etc. Through a bit of googling the only thing I can find is this:



But it's not ideal.


It needs to have room for 12 channel soundcraft mixer ontop, then space for couple of amplifiers(4u), 1u of radio mics, 2u of cd player, 2u of graphic...


Any hints on where else to try?


Many thanks



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Have a word with SSE-

Cane green (now part of sse group) used to have many of their outboard racks in a wooden finish that iv always thought would look good in my living room.

Last time I was at SSE bradford they had several racks of older gear theyre getting rid of as they dont use many analogue desks anymore, non-premium type gates and comps, MD players etc.. but possibly more importantly they were all in what I affectionately call the living room racks. Im pretty sure they said the racks themselves we're for sale too.

Not sure if they ever made anything that works for a desk on top (short of cutting the top off yourself) but it certainly gives more than enough U of rack space with proper rack strips and built solidly enough to take your amps.

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+1 for the Rackz kits, they are well constructed, sensibly priced, and it's a good company to deal with.


They can supply lockable doors for their cabinets if required, and I get the impression that a little bit of customising wouldn't be out of the question.

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