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PCStage -Where has it gone?


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Does anyone know what has happened to PCStage? The website no longer works. I know a couple of people that may want to purchase the interface unit and there seems to be no website for them to get info on it and also to find information about the product.


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Its worse than that, I'm afraid.


The software author ceased development some time ago, and although he's alive and well, and enjoying himself (I stalk him from time to time), he appears to have no interest whatsoever in PCStage.


Until recently you have been able to buy the interfaces from the UK manufacturer and distributor. The current situation is that these interfaces are - today - no longer available for sale, however the distributor hopes that they will be available again one day.


I have several emails and web site form contacts from people who want to buy interfaces, including Mr Dean the OP, which I from time to time pass on to the distributor.

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Stephen, I'm curious as to why you took the time to write a blog post about PCStage, with a hyperlink to the site and recommending it to everyone, then post here trying to find out what's happening with it. Did you not research your blog post?





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The design of PCLights - PCStage has always been owned by Nebula Technology Pty Ltd.


PCLights (and an apple version, MacLights) was originally designed and written by Nebula Technology at Technology Park, Adelaide starting way back in 1988 under a sponsorship from Apple Computers.


Some time after the death of the original PCLights coder, Mr Greg Fidock in 1995 due to a brain tumor, a new engineer, Mr Michael Warner, was incorporated into the design team to code new software development.


During early 2000, after a bitter business dispute, and with Nebula Technology having inadequate legal protection to retain ownership of the new raw code, the ability to sell the software was reluctantly passed to Michael Warner. This was given under duress to negate a legal fight which would have ended in the demise of the software.


Development of PCStage ceased in 2011 because Michael Warner was killed in a motor vehicle accident.


At present and in the future, PCStage should and will not be available for purchase, as any sale would infringe on my legal ownership.


But there is good news in all of this.


As the legal owner of PCStage, Nebula Technology has decided to give away the designs up to the point of dispute, to anyone who wants them, for free.


This will include:


1. Hardware for parallel port version, including schematic, parts lists and pcb files designed in Protel.

2. HEX files based around the Atmil risk chip.

3. PCStage Software.


Why you may ask, am I giving it away?


1. I am no longer in the lighting industry, and Nebula Technology is no longer a trading entity. I do however, retain ownership of all Nebula Technology designs.

2. The files are sitting on my computer going to waste, and a good product should be used, not lost.

3.. Giving the product away will not effect Michael Warner for obvious reasons - but out of decency I will not infringe on the later USB hardware designed by him after our dispute.


Even so the parallel port version is an excellent hardware system, it incorporates most features, and in your cases - will only set you back the cost of parts and a bit of time.


Anyone who can use the files, please email me.



Nebula Technology




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Hi Bruce,I have been using PCStage for the last 10 years with the full interface. Last year it developed a fault which so far I have been unable to fix. At age 75 I can't bare the thought of trying to learn something new, especially as the PCStage is very similar to my experience lighting my school's shows using a 20way 2 scene preset dimmer board. The local drama group I do lighting for use their village hall which was fitted with 30 channels of DMX controlled lighting but no controller. If your PCStage is still available I would be keen to purchase it as a backup to the one we have. I believe it only operates up to 36 channels which is plenty for our needs as there are no fancy LED fixtures just basic spotlights, and a 3colour cyc. Thanks Wayne

I've got one of the "lite" interfaces, which I haven't used in ages. 25 quid and it's yours...

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