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One lucky guy

kerry davies

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HSE alert.


With Summer approaching and BR members working in fields the subject of underground services and CAT scanning raises it's head from hibernation. Even when someone tells you that the site has been scanned it pays to be careful and use observation and sense to double-check.


This three-phase mains incident could have killed but high-voltage cables nearly always do so.

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And this statement alone:-


After the hearing, HSE inspector Paul Thompson said:


"The worker is very lucky to be alive. It is only because he was able to quickly jump back from the blast and extinguish the fire that he wasn't electrocuted. As he struck the pin it caused a 'Roman Candle' effect of fire and sparks to erupt from the ground, sending a jet of fire up from the pin."


Just shows that the HSE "inspector" is not really suited to dealing with electrical incidents. It would have been interesting to see how the HSE fared in pinpointing the location of the rest of the cable.

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