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Flight Case Drawings Software?

Ashley R

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Was wondering what kind of software would be used for crating drawings like these, for designing flight cases to be built? And also even rendered in 3D for clients to look at before hand etc.






some examples of what I am looking to hopefully achieve with said program.


Thanks All

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Serif Draw. Vector based so scale and dimensions easy to manage. I use it all the time. It's also easy to create the repeatable components, as on the flight case parts on the roadready drawings. You can import a screen grab, then draw over the lines, then when complete, adjust the size to give exact dimensions, then import these into new drawing. I do it with moving heads on my lighting plans. Get the manual, bring in the line drawings, re-draw them using the various tools, then take the known dimensions from the manual - like say, 576mm - and then adjust the size in draw to read 576, at your chosen scale, and that's it! They do loads of offers - and if you can put up with their marketing calls, they're really good. They call you when a new version comes out and ask maybe £60. You say no, and after consultation with the manager (??) it drops to £40, then after another no, they offer you just the software, no manual or goodies for £20, and I say yes. So upgrades don't cost very much, and I think I've been a user now for around 15 years at least!


It exports to pdf too - which is handy, and reads popular cad file formats as well. If you want any examples of plans, I can send you some?

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