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Just hrowing this out there,


LX Tape, Gafer Tape, Steel Deck, Scaff Legs, Set, and so much more tears the hell out of the stage and its paint.


currently we are using a vinyl matt black, dose any one know anything better. I was thinking rubber paint.

or am I chasing a rabbit down an endless hole.

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Either add PVA or choose a silk or even semi-gloss finish to increase the durability. The Matte is nice for lighting but terrible for wear and tear.


We used semi-gloss here for years but sadly don't have enough dark period to let it cure anymore, so we've moved to a silk finish floor paint that doesn't need as long to cure. (The technicians still complain about it - they loved the semi-gloss. The local LDs didn't, though!)

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Guy's mixing pva into Flints Black isn't the way. It doesn't really strengthen the paint, and if poorly mixed gives you very patchy results.



It's designed as a straight from the can brilliant coverage and obliteration paint to be used as part of a receiving venue really. If you keep a wrapped roller handy then painting the stage at the end of the out doesn't really take that much time.



Mixing stuff into paints like the pva also creates an issue with the between coat adhesion as it adds a vinyl layer onto the top. Often it is this and the choice of poor quality adhesive tapes that leads to entire sections of paint coming off in your hand.


If you wish to add actual strength to a paint then you'd be better off looking at either an emulsion glaze. Chose between the Flints type that has better impact strength and as a side issue also works better for pigments, powders and flakes, or the Mylands Type. Or use one of the excellent Rosco glazes. Keep in mind thought that mixing anything in will dull the blackness of the paint. If you are in a venue that maybe isn't rep or at the higher levels then you would be far better off using the flints black correctly and then applying a proper top coat to protect and enhance.



If anybody is in any doubt as to best methods to use any of our products then feel free to contact me directly as trust me I know best when it comes to our stuff it's me and THE Mr Flint that know it best and we're always happy to help with enquiries.



Rather than post on here if you think it best to speak direct to me then drop me an email on richard@flints.co.uk anybody that has ever met me at the ABTT (tall, beardy, scruffy one) will know that I don't bite!





ps: feel free to complete our currently running customer survey to stand the chance to win yourself a Makita drill and impact driver set.


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