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Mic Stand Bags that don't suck


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One of my continual bugbears is getting mic stands to and from gigs. We tend to be using boom stands with tripod bases (as opposed to round solid bases).


The vast majority of our gigs are done out of sprinter-size vans, rather than trucks, so the "flightcase full of drainpipes" approach won't work for us. The numbers of stands we are taking ranges from 5 (for a small acoustic or corporate gig) to 20 for a festival.


In the past we have used bags like this:




But they tend not to last very long. The zips fail very quickly, and the handles rip off if they get strained. We now also have some where the fabric at the ends has come away completely.


The bags aren't mega-expensive but at £15-20 each I can't really afford to be replacing them every 6 months. Plus they start looking tatty almost immediately. I'd rather pay twice as much for something that is going to last four times as long.


The other thing that has been suggested to me is using plastic drum hardware cases like this:




They're expensive, but might be worth it. On the other hand, I dislike the fact that they're a bit bigger and squarer than bags. A bag will fit in plenty of gaps in the van that these things would struggle to get into.


I think in an idea world I'd be looking for a heavier-duty bag, but I'm open to any ideas or suggestions.

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Have a look around for large keyboard bags with wheels. We had one with a three sides zip and an external zipped pocket useful for heads and a solid pull handle on the ends as well as heavy duty bag straps on the closing side. You could get varying sized ones but ours held about 20 booms. Jammed upright in the van it took little space could be laid out open for packing/unpacking easily.
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You can get a couple of mic stands in a British Army "EKGSA" bag. (Elevation Kit Ground Spike Antenna). The bags were designed for plastic poles that they used to elevate the antenna into the air, so are a good size for mic stands. They also have a big pouch on the front, which you could put clips in or whatever you fancy.


It was part of the Clansman radio system which, spare things like the OTC / Cadets etc, has been withdrawn from service. So there is tons of Clansman spares floating around the MoD disposals system, one good source of which being eBay.


They go rather cheap, and they are real tough vinyl bags, designed for being abused. Also they don't feature a zip and and just have a flap and buckle, so even if you do manage to break the fastener, it will still hold mic stands as long as it's not turned upside down (unlike zipped bags which, once duff, do not hold anything anymore).


That's my vote.





Sorry I know it's a tiny picture but it's the best I could find with a quick google.

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But they tend not to last very long. The zips fail very quickly, and the handles rip off if they get strained. We now also have some where the fabric at the ends has come away completely.




A bag will fit in plenty of gaps in the van that these things would struggle to get into.


Just a thought, if you are replacing them every 6 months then the issue on the face of it seems to be the build of the product vs. how they are used. Things last as long as they do based on how they are treated and in my experience crews can break things quickly or break things slowly depending on who touches them. This kind of product doesn't wear out on it's own, although I grant you that there are different bags of different quality.


The two quoted sentences above could be argued to be related parts of the same picture.


If you need to wedge things to the roof in a Sprinter every night then perhaps a traps case will suit your operators better if the alternative is to use your mic stands to jam between things. If they are carefully stowed on top of stuff and not dragged around maybe they will last longer.


Not having a go, just seems like all factors should be considered and crew and operations are a factor.




E2A: I've worked with some hugely heavy duty stand baggage in the past, some of which the Velrco was stronger than I am when it came to opening them! Think they are usually custom jobs from somewhere but dunno names I'm afraid.

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The drum hardware boxes work well, but as you say are harder to poke in the gaps. There is also a bit more rattling of stands so stands can get tatty quicker. In bags in the hardware box can be a good compromise.


The other thing that comes to mind is fishing rod holdalls. They might be too long, but it might be worth a look.

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These aren't bad for the money http://www.thomann.de/gb/millenium_micstand_6_bag.htm

Got a few of them. Granted, they are not the best quality but they have 6 sections and last a fair while


Our church uses one of these for three or four stands that get plonked in and out of the back of the minibus by all sorts once or twice a week. Seems to have lasted more than a year and if the zip does break we won't be totally stuffed. Clearly yours will take more of a beating but I reckon not having the long zip and having the compartments should help it last

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We have just had the same problem for our hire stock.


basic bag, with zip you should really only be paying about £5 - £8 each

yes the zips break etc.


I got frustrated enough to actually get some made up with some very firm padding inside pockets stitched into the material.

the material is called PU COATED NYLON FABRIC 1000 Deniers like Cordura. by no means a easy fix but a bag that will last a long time and looks great.



I couldnt find any bags for about £40 - 60 or would have bought some.

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I've had bags made by Dicky Bags, they'll make them to your spec, but we've had some great well made bags made for Parabella stands, and some for speaker stands that have been in constant use for at least five years on hire fleet and are only now starting to show their age.


Delivery times have varied quite a bit in line with their work load though.

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Keyboard case seems like a good Idea for just 5 stands.


perhaps if you got a wooden one, you could use some clips like this to improve the life of your stands.





Thomann do keyboard flight cases for cheaper than a hardware traps case.





worth a look! (although you'd have to work out what kind of dimensions you'd need. I believe they do custom sizes on some of there cases.)

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I have had a couple of these for over 5 years & are still in very good condition, no broken zips or material damage. They are also padded enough to be put in a un-foamed stand flightcase & offer protection to other non bagged stands placed around them. I bought them whilst on special offer when 1st introduced but they are pretty costly now, but based on how they last are worth the extra.
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