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Olympics opening ceremony


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I think I get it, LOCOG are paying half the Oyster card value only, is that it? If so it is disgusting since they promised full travel costs.


As one of said "vulnerable" volunteer performers, I can confirm that Oyster cards are provided to fund travel to/from rehearsals in Zones 1-6, which is exactly what was promised. The level of commitment from some folk is astonishing, giving up their time and funding their own travel to rehearsals from all over the UK. Yes, it's a vanity project for most of us, but we're all informed adults (except the sheep...)

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That's better Alec, at least you won't have the pleasure of the first shift of GamesMakers.


4000 of 'em will be given an Oyster card and told they have to get there 5 minutes before the Tubes open at 5.05am. Those three night buses per hour will be packed.

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