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Unrelated to the ongoing names controversy:


Please actually ensure you are applying to the correct company. I've just had an email in from someone waxing lyrical about how someone from our company gave a talk at his college and that really enthused him about the prospect of working for us. Nope, none of us have ever set foot in that establishment.

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I open the envelope to find an application form and cover letter starting with "Dear Sir/Madam". Dear Sir/Madam? You wrote my name on the envelope you got from the CV you requested.

To be fair unless your CV stated your gender in this day and age it's not really reasonable to make assumptions, because you'll just **** someone off by getting it wrong.


"You wrote my name on the envelope"


Already knowing my name is Andrew Booth, it's pretty obvious I'm a Mr. Therefore Dear Mr Booth or Dear Andrew would be more appropriate than Dear Sir/Madam.

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To be fair to them, doing another mail merge just to put a name at the top of the letter, or paying someone to hand write such names on is far more time and money consuming than just bulk printing a bunch of letters. If you're got 100+ applicants to process, it's not a small undertaking.


At the end of the day, it's their job and their terms. At the fist venue I ever worked for, I recall hearing a story about the application process for another tech they were taking on. The ad stated no CVs, fill in the form. One applicant sent his CV with a note saying "please don't ask me to fill in the form, all the information you need is on my CV". Unsurprisingly, that went straight in the bin. He perfectly demonstrated that he couldn't follow basic, written instructions and so fell at the first hurdle.

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I am currently recruiting casuals over here in Sheffield.

The amount of clearly Copy/Pasted Covering letters is very Funny.....BIN!!

Also the amount of applicants who have left there Facebook feeds on public is very funny indeed.

Very easy to check candidate suitability these days.

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My friend has an excellent recruiting technique when dealing with a big pile of resumes (CV's) - he divides the pile into two equal piles and immediately throws one pile straight into the bin, exclaiming "I don't want any unlucky people working for me!"

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