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Employment with Qualifications OR Experience?

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A friend of mine had a technical project to do in his "spare time" it was not for his proper job.

He would have done it in 6 months spare time, the project has been taken on instead by a relevant academy as a one year project for seven people. Sadly this shows the comparative value of real work to academic work. Projects done at work count for a LOT more than projects done in academia on a time basis.



Financially ALL theatrical establishments are struggling, funding from external sources (ie grants etc) is drying up dramatically places that had their costs met by grants from councils (etc) now have to cut costs til they can run on ticket sales income. This means that recruitment is almost nil across the country, retirees are not being replaced, and all available reasons or excuses will be employed to reduce the number of staff and the hours for which they are paid.


You over blow your experience so much that people will not believe it, and your attitude doesn't have "smiley happy person" written all over it. If you are to get a sniff of a job then please admit accurately what real experience you have, and what skills you have that you can do unattended for a whole show. The way that you write your CV and letter needs to say clearly that you are a really nice person to have in a team, and needs to give evidence that you can work in a mixed age and gender team. Finding a way to express that you are just a really good member of a team, nice to have about, happy and careful, may get you further up the probable list than any overblown skills list.


Even the slightest reality check would confirm the value of Ramdram's post, If you enjoy "backstage" then do it for fun, there probably is no living to be made from it. Three A levels should open doors in several industries, if you come over well at application.

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It depends a little on what your going for? Freelance requires alot of experince, as if your on £200 a day you are expected to deal with alot more than a general PAYE employee.


All of the freelancers I use on a regular basis are people I have meet on the road and I know for a fact they are fit for the job.

I gave a uni student a chance in May and he text me the night before saying sorry MATE can't make it tomorrow but if you need me next week let me know............


The only qulification that would mean anything to me is Electrical Instilation.


Good luck with finding work :)



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