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Scart Cables


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Just to add, 


and yes the new website is awful, I much preferred the old one.


What makes the new one worse is the categories don't match with the catalogue any more, and there is no way to get to the main category when you find a relevant product via the search, so you can't easily see all the others and find the cheapest one.




Both the CPC sites have been shockingly bad. Perhaps they should look at RS on the web to see how it should be done! Having said that, I still prefer the paper one; unless I know PRECISELY what I want. They too have mismatches between categories on-line and on-paper.

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£15 a metre!!  Jeezzus!!!


CPC is your friend, even if the web site is #####.  "High quality" 5m lead £7.28 ex. or 10m for £6.63,  About page 138 in the paper catalogue, which is the Audio/Video equipment & accessories section.


This is the cheap stuff, the expensive stuff is £50 a meter. Monster Cable - According to my manager "it the stuff used in pro[sic] audio an video. The true proffesianls wont use anything else." He got offended when I laughed at him. :)


(In case you hadent guessed I work for DSG

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Just noticed that this month's junk mail from CPC (online copy at http://cpc.farnell.com/images/en_CC/weekly...ls_140105b.pdf) has 5m SCART-SCART cables, metal shells, flat OFC cable, on P30 for 4.99 and a more expensive range on p41


Or if you want something less upmarket, they do cheapies in the main catalogue for 91p each.


They also seem to have scart-scart cables listed online for 1p and for £115 - I'm guessing this is either a mistake or a bulk-pack :-)



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the last scart cables I got from cpc where from the special offers catalogue and cost 99p each and they where really nice full 21 core soft flexible pvc cable, they where so good I bought 20 I only wanted 2...


as for the new cpc website... I think its fantastic, if you can be arsed to work it, I wanted some aa batteries, so I put in the code from the paper catalogue, and it bought up the batteries I wanted, and then all the different price options and variations they currently had on the same product, in the end for the 40 AA's I wanted I managed to get them at a sale price of £7.76 instead of the £14 I was going to pay.... but on the other hand cpc's website has always been ####, it was offline for 9 months due to heavy use.

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