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Who stocks scaff fittings like this?


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I was tidying up a random box of hardware, and found this:




It's a double length coupler, which seems to be very handy for getting coupled lengths of scaff a bit more rigid. I've already put it into service at an installation and it's working well, so what I want to do now is pick up some more of them.


I've googled my way round various suppliers of Kee Klamps etc. but every vendor I've found only does the standard couplers which are half the length. Flints don't appear to have any either. Wondering if anybody else knows of a source?

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That's the one - well done. I hadn't thought of Doughty offhand.


The internal joiners that I've used in the past seem to be OK but have a bit more "give" than I'd like, especially when there are longer spans in use.


(i.e. the style pictured below - if there are others available that I'm not aware of, I'm all ears...)




Flints SCF114?


Thanks Brian - I had a Flints order going in this afternoon so have added a few of them onto it. Strangely, it wasn't listed under their "allen key clamps" catalogue heading which is probably why I was able to overlook it.

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The internal fitting as illustrated in Stuart's last post is really not intended for horizontal bars: they are designed for vertical tubes where the two pieces are in compression. For horizontal bars you should always use a fitting with a more positive grip like the one shown in his original post.
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