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Multicore Splitter


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£13.75 each doesn't seem unreasonable? I'm not sure if I like the physical format, and there's no guarantee that the transformer will provide excellent electrical and audio quality, but it's not that bad a product?

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If this is going to entail you getting/makeing a new stage box, one idea iv just remembered:


Iv only seen this on Adlib stage boxes but thats not to say I just havnt looked at other suppliers racks as closely.


but on the box youve got your 48 ins, no paralleled out on each. Several multipin ins with patchable tails with about 10 channels each for sub boxes. 3 48way multi pin outs. fairly standard for touring systems so far. But then it also has several "Z splits", rows of XLRs in sets of 4 2 of each gender, all wired together- so you have an in, through, split and sex changed split for each set- works in both directions. its like having a few y splits and a hand full of sex changers that you cant lose or forget to take on the gig.

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Just stumbled on this topic from a link from a recent post.

The following link may give a solution to the split signal issue.


On a personal note I have used many of Johns products from Orchid Electronics, including the signal splitter and his DI boxes, and have had two of my Allan and Heath desks serviced by him and cannot praise his work enough. And he is a really nice chap to boot.


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