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Panto Time!


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Not a pantomime this year (but the other night it started to sound like it - "It's Behind you..."), we have decided to do David Farr's Nativity. Fun...we have one of the cast who is just like a 5 year old at a nativity, except he's not acting!


I'm op-ing LX and SX, with some fairly cr@p gear...after track 21 the CD player no longer tells me how much time is remaining per track, and our new CD player hasn't turned up yet...oh the fun of ordering through maplins...


Oh how I *love* am-dram at this time of year...



:stagecrew: Dan :)

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I'm the "clever person" mentioned above who thought of using a DL1 to move an animated Tinkerbell around for Peter Pan! Having lit that show I then moved on to light Jack and the Beanstalk in Worthing. Just got back from that and have been called back to Worthing this weekend as the Producer has decided some sections need re-blocking (thus cues will change). Sounds like overtime to me! Both shows look pretty good though and Production Company seem very happy. I'm off to see what other people have done with their shows now. Thinking of writing a book: '101 ways to light the Ghost Gag'.
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For this year's forray into the proffessional world, I'm head flyman for Aladdin, Palace Theatre, Redditch, Worcestershire.


16 down, 28 to go - and only 2 more 10am schools matinees!





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