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Panto Time!


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My local venue (Clwyd Theatr Cymru) are doing "Sleeping Beauty : The Rock 'n' Roll Panto" this year. The "rock 'n' roll pantos" are something of a tradition there these days - they started doing them a fair few years back, initially as studio productions while a Dickens Christmas musical (or something similar) played on the main stage, then moving them into the main house in place of the Dickens stuff, and they go down a storm with people coming from fair and wide to see them. It's already been open for a couple of weeks, and it runs until the end of January. I did a few days' work on the fit-up in November, and as per usual I'll probably end up board-op'ing some shows over the holidays to cover leave for the full-time staff. Don't mind too much, though - it's not often that I can get from a place of work to my house in less than 15 minutes ; and they're damned good shows, chock-full of classic 60s, 70s and 80s tunes!


Other than that, this year for me is mercifully a panto-free zone! :stagecrew: :)

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Peter Pan at Hazlitt in Maidstone (thanks to the blue room (see JSB's advert))


Opened on 3rd Dec and running to 9th Jan... its a busy one :stagecrew:


We have probably the most hi-tech tinkerbell ever... some very clever person had the idea of using a DL1.


Its all a shame we keep flying peter pan into the scenery tho!




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Hmmm I go away for the day and some bugger knicks my idea for a thread!


I am on the Panto trail down in Poole with Beauty and the Beast, board oping for the next 4 weeks, having looked after the LX side of the fitup last week.


Now desperately thinking of reading material to keep me sane...



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Aladdin....with Brian Blessed!!


only 42 more to go!


Oooh That could be fun...


Dress today for Snow White, Not doing sound this year but crewing and doing follow spot (though not at the same time!)


Bernie Clifton (old)

Kim Hartman ( Helga from Allo Allo)

Danielle Nichols (Ex CITV presenter)


Good cast and it looks like being quite fun

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From the world of Amdram I have "Babes in the wood" at the end of January to look forward too. Such a success over the last few years that they have added an extra performances. We now have the breathtakingly huge run of 5 performances.



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