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cardboard cut outs


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I have been asked to create or buy a life size cutout of footballer Ian Wright. I am finding it difficult to find a ready made one so I figured I would make one but I can't find anywhere that sells one sheet of cardboard to that size (around 6 ft). Does anyone have any ideas?
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try searching for reprographics supplies or exhibition display materials / supplies ...


I had a photo blown up by a reprograhics firm to 8' by 4' for a show, which was then mounted on a plywood flat as part of our set*, but they offered to mount it on foamboard. so All you would need would be a photo of footballing superstar Ian Wright and a scalpel(and a risk assessment for use of sharp and pointy things); they would do most of the work for you. Of course it would need to be a high-res, uncompressed photo to look any good.


(*not a show you worked on Mark, so you wouldn't remember it)

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Photo labs or repro houses will have sources of foam board by various names and thicknesses available up to 8ft by 4! Some places will mount things for you and you will find it takes some practice to get a big print down without marks or creases or bubbles
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The lovely chaps at London Reprographics centre have a printer that will print onto ANYTHING (which will take ink) up to 45mm deep. I saw a rather fantastic panelled door they did, so you could print direct onto plywood:


The London Reprographics Services Ltd


Unit 214-215

West Block

Westminister Business Square

Durham Street


SE11 5JH



t: 020 7587 1101

f: 020 7582 2266


e: printroom@lrslondon.com

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