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new speakers and amp, will they match ?


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hi all,

im new to the forum, im no proffesional at all and have no knowledge of ohms,watts,rms and so on,

im just a living room/home dj / small party's for friends once a year type dj.

I wonder if anyone can avise me on a few bits please, I use a midi dj mixer with my laptop and a external sound card with a line out to my amp, up untill now ive neen using an old home hifi NAD amp and my home hifi wharfdale speakers,


ive now bought some bose 802 mk2 speakers and my misses has bought me a monster 1600w amplifier and I need to know if I can put this amp on these speakers even if I have to have it run at low volume, or will it just melt the system, I will be getting a pair of bose 302 subs to go with this setup later in the year

I will list the specs for amp and speakers below.


BOSE 802 MK 2's (pair) :

Frequency range

55Hz – 16kHz

Active equalization

(with 802C Series II systems controller)


Nominal impedance

8 ohms

Maximum acoustic output

114dB-SPL average, 123dB-SPL peak

Power handling capacity

240W continuous pink noise, 55Hz – 16kHz

Recommended amplifier power

240W minimum, 480W maximum


Full-range, 91dB-SPL (1W, 1m)

Horizontal beamwidth





* Modern MOSFET technology for up to 2 x 800W max. at 4 ohms (2 x 400W max. at 8 ohms)

* Low rise time and consistent sound quality

* Numerous connection options

* Cool black design with blue LEDs

* Suitable for 19 "/ 48cm Rack - 3 height units




* Inputs: 1 x stereo RCA, 1 x 6.3 mm jack (stereo)

* Outputs: 1 x XLR (stereo), 1 x PA-Speakon (stereo), 1 x screw-type (stereo)

* Channel adjustable volume (recessed dials)

* LED Meter

* High-performance cooling fan

* Backup

* Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

* Distortion:> 0.5%

* Signal-Noise Ratio:> 98dB

* Channel Separation:> 82dB

* Input impedance:> 10dB

* Power supply 230V, 50/60Hz


thank you in advance for any help and advice....

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It should be fine - just keep one thing in mind. Those 4" drivers, even via the essential controller really do not like deep, loud bass - so if the type of music you are playing is bassy and you want it loud, then just watch the levels. Other than that I'd be quite happy. I quite like the sound, others hate it. You'll find most people fall into these two distinct camps - love 'em or hate 'em!


The subs, though - are pretty essential if you want to use them for dance music - the cut-off through the controller is quite savage, and you really need something for that bottom octave and a half. Without subs, they're rather a lightweight sound.

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ive now bought some bose 802 mk2 speakers and my misses has bought me a monster 1600w amplifier.........


........I will be getting a pair of bose 302 subs to go with this setup later in the year


Have you actually got the 802C system controller with the speakers?


I take it you're aware you'll need another amplifier when you get the 302s.


I'll echo Paul's comments, particularly with regard to bass heavy music, where some form of sub/s are essential to use the system at any reasonable volume.

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Reinforcing the comments above - get the controller, otherwise it'll sound awful.


That's not a particularly high-end amp - I'd certainly not call it a "monster" amp, other than it's 3U physical size! The "1600W" is basically creative advertising. (to save others googling, it's a £99 job - http://www.hifi-tower.co.uk/SHOP_BY_BRAND/..._i57_2162_0.htm )


If anything, it's probably a touch underpowered for those speakers.

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Vinnie - Looking at the link Bruce posted, that amplifier is actually a fair match for a single pair of 802s.

It is rated 2 x 400w at 8 ohms, the 802s are either 240 or 250w at 8 ohms, and it is good practice to have an amplifier rated 1.5 to 2.0 times the RMS of the cabs being driven.


Have a look for a secondhand 802C controller, they appear fairly regularly. Whilst you could obtain the EQ settings and use a non-proprietory processor (I've often seen the setting successfully replicated on a driverack, etc), you can probably pick up an 802C for around about the same price if you're patient. Then when you get the 302s, it'll just be plug & play and you'll have a nice little system.

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thanks so much for the quick replies,


I will be getting the 802c controller as soon as possible as I had took a wild guess that the amp would send to much bass to the 802's and destroy the sound, so thank you for clarifying that for me,


I was hoping that this amp would power two bose 802's and two 302 subs with the controller of course, by linking the the subs to the 802's,

is this amp not enough to drive it all ?, ive been looking at the 802c controller which has a wiring diagrame printed on the top of it, and like you say it shows I will need 2 amplifiers

can I not use the 2 outputs from the controller to go into my amp, then the 2 outputs from my amp left into the left sub right into the right sub and then link the 802's from the sub outputs,

or have I got this all wrong ? and will I deffinatly need a second amp ?


sorry for sounding dumb but im right at the begining of learning about sound systems, something I have wanted to learn for years but never had time or the money


thanks again for all the advice



ps here is a link to the 802c controller manual, the diagramme picture is on page 19...




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ok ive read through your posts again and its all sunk in now, so ignore the questions ive asked

im now counting the penney jar to get another amp and the subs ive always dreamed of,


the 302 sub spec is here


Nominal impedance: 4 Ohms

Power handling: 400 Watts RMS

Sensitivity: 98dB SPL (1W, 1metre)

Filter: 180Hz low pass

Dimensions: 810 x 580 x 410mm

Weight: 52kg


so would this mean I would need an amp that gives out about 800 watts rms per channel @ 4ohms to run thses ?



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I went to a DJ speaker shoot out a while ago and by far the best system offered that time was a pair of Bose 802s driven through the correct controller and fed from the Hi Pass output from a Mackie 1501 powered bass bin. So signal out to the bass bin then the stereo high pass sent back to a controller and amp and out to the 802s at speaker level.


This system gave good levels and mid/top clarity with a good disco bass level, and the crossover and controller handled the EQ needs of the bose 802s

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You really will need two amps, the usual sub thing with a built in crossover in the sub to feed the tops doesn't really apply to these as they need the controller to make the speakers sound balanced. So your understanding that you feed the two amps from the controller is correct.


Your amp isn't really beefy enough to drive conventional subs and tops with any real oomph - but will be fine for the 802s.


I suppose you could use one amp channel to feed the 802s wired in parallel, then use the other amp channel to run the subs - in mono, but I doubt it will be loud enough. When you buy the subs, get another amp - OR don't buy the 302s, buy some amplified (powered) subs instead. I rather like 302s, but they are big, heavy and fairly inefficient.

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this is all great information,


ive learnt enough to get myself going without damaging anything or under powering, the ohms and wattages and rms thingys all make sence now


thanks ever so much guys, its greatly appreciated..


ill be intouch to let you know how my nighbours take the new system ** laughs out loud **


thanks and happy new year to you all


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back again with another question for you all,


as I dj from a midi mixer laptop and soundcard there is one output from the soundcard (red & white rca) which will go into my bose 802c controller then from there to my 2 amplifiers for my pair of 802's and pair of 302 subs sorted !!


but if I decided to extend this system to another set of speakers I.e 2 more tops and 2 subs running from another amp, how would I connect this from my one output that is already taken in the 802c controller,

would I just get a rca splitter and split the initial output, or is there a mixer desk I would need or a gadget to share the output ??

or is it to do with linking amplifiers ??

any help is much appreciated...





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Depending on the amp you use, you may be able to run two pairs of speakers from one amp. This will reduce the impeadence (8ohm to 4ohm, 4ohm to 2ohm), simplest solution if the amp is happy. ISTR that some of the 802 controllers have a pair of top outputs; another option. Ahh, but not that one! Some amps will have through connections, or the device you link to will do the trick.
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