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How about this picture for a risk assessment


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I found this image on another forum I use - mainly American - but it is a bit worrying!

We could make it a competition, but that might be a bit daft!


I've left it big so you can see detail.

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Er, I understand that refraction may be responsible, but just WHERE are the legs of the guy at the back.....???

(And, of course, just WHAT is he doing there???????)


But as for hazards, he could easily strain his eyesight watching that minute monitor screen - especially wearing shades....

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Aww, c'mon guys. At least one of 'em is disabled (Swim-lift) so give them a break, if it's a battery powered hoist they will need those sockets to recharge it!

That's it Tony, the guy at the back really does have no legs!


I had sussed that it was more likely a treatment/therapy pool rather than a swimming facility (been there, done that, whilst in physical rehab after a proken foot...).

But if the rear 'guard' truly has no legs, then surely his additional weight would pull the inflatable down - they're really NOT built for two...!

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