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Can DMX control a laser light to draw text / live images


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I use an Enttec dongle to control a DMX universe via software I have written which takes input from cameras, ipods and other sensors. If I purchase a DMX laser light fixture, can I get control of the laser to turn it on and off, x,y, co-ordinates control etc using DMX commands so for example I could input text (x,y point data) from my program and generate DMX commands to cycle through and draw images through the laser, this is geared to performance so for example I trigger the smoke machine and project words onto the smoke ? Would you be able to recommend a laser light to do this? Also I guess there is some kind of cycle/sample/refresh rate to rate lasers?


Any ideas much appreciated, thanks

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I am not sure if normal DMX software is fast enough for controling lasers to do graphics and words,

It would have to be very fast for that!

Most DMX systems would not be fast enough.

Also the deflection system for the lasers would also have to be quite good and fast.

But since it has been done before, the software must be out there someware.

Try contacting laser lighting manufacturers or even some of the lighting

production hire companies.

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simply No you cant draw using DMX. well not with the 10+ Lasers I own.


all the lasers I own use Predetermined Patterns and the Pan and tilt control is used to move that pattern arround.


What you are basically describing is IDLA. with IDLA you can do anything as long as you have: the software (such as Pangolin), a box/dongle thing, and a ILDA controlled laser which will most likely be a animation laser with at least 15kps galvos


But for what you are asking I would recommend anything with at least 30kps to make your drawings flicker free.


And IDLA gear is available off the shelf so no need to make and design your own program

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Movies are filmed at 18 - 25 frames per second DMX only allows you 44 data points per second so for writing or drawing with a laser DMX is nowhere near fast enough. Using DMX to position a drawn item may be possible but challenging. Look for a laser that has it's own control protocol.
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DMX only allows you 44 data points per second


Not strictly true. You will get at least 44 DMX packets a second if you are transmitting a full universe of data. You can get more packets per second if you transmit less data (i.e. smaller DMX packets). This will depend on what is generating the data as some desks/software solutions allow for smaller packets and some don't.


Its still not fast enough to control a laser though...

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