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Hi, im wondering if anyone can help


I purchased an item from a local store http://prolight.co.uk/item/ledj66/?PHPSESS...ccb724f9beb304a

After a few months, the transformer went on it, so I went back to the shop


they explained that LEDJ (prolight) had no spares for a couple of weeks

its now almost 4 weeks on and ive been informed that the part is not due for 2 more weeks, then itll have to join the repair que which is currently an additional 2 weeks


ive asked for a replacement and theyve said that they can fix it, so im not entitled to a replacement, even if itll be almost 2 months after it went wrong


does anyone know what course of action I can take, as 6-8 weeks is very unreasonable in my opinion

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Or phone Consumer Direct - 08454 040506 - http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/


My experience of them has been very positive - they will give good advice, provide template letters etc etc. They're currently advising me in a slightly more expensive dispute (5 figures!)



My understanding is that in this case, as you have described it, the goods are faulty ("not of merchantable quality") the retailer is required to repair the item, or replace it if a repair is not practical. However, you may be entitled to claim for "consequential loss" - which may for example include the costs of hiring a replacement until the repair is complete.


Also, if the item cost more than 100 pounds and you bought it with a credit card, the card company may be equally liable. (however, the first google hit I found for that particular item was £99.99 B-) )


Talk to Consumer Direct or CAB - they're very helpful.

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Shops know about what they have to do and what they don't.


The issue is that the consumer credit rules and the sales of goods act are very limited when it comes to non-domestic equipment. The advert you linked to says

The Stratos U.V. is aimed toward entertainment venues that want the blacklight U.V. look. Featuring 336 powerful ultraviolet LED's that will make objects "glow in the dark". Included in the functions are 0-100% dimming and sound active modes making the Stratos U.V. is ideal for nightclubs, mobile discos or themed events

This, in my humble opinion clearly states the unit is for non-domestic use.


If the firm decide to be quite blunt about it, then my best non-legal guess is that they can get away with it. I don't suppose you buy enough from them for you to have any clout, but having their business conducted in public on the forum here could be useful. You can't threaten them with anything legal - if they can't get the bit, then there's not a lot they can do. However, they could decide that having praise in public is better than being slated for being unhelpful.


Make sure you mention to the CAB that it isn't a domestic product. My first call would be to the credit card company, I've always found them helpful in disputes. If it gets nasty, then it's all down to 'reasonableness'. Is it 11 months old, having been carted around unprotected so it has dents and dings on the case? Or is it in pristine condition? If it's a bit beat up, then they may well decide you are partly to blame - even if you're not. If it is one month old in A1 sparkly condition, then asking for a replacement seems fair. In between? tricky!

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The shop are being unreasonable - you need to quote "unfit for purpose" and demand your money back or you will take them to the small claims court.


Put this in writing and take the letter with you when you next go to the shop - if they do nothing to keep you happy hand them the letter and keep your promise to take them to court for recovery of your money.


Any shop or supplier worth their salt should just fix it right away or within reasonable time (5-7 days) or refund you.

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