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Pyro Control Systems


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Here is a little test for you all. Time to test your risk assessment skills and to see if those of you who have been on one of the 'Pyro Awareness' courses have been paying attention.


On ebay at the mo' is a pyro 'control system', Pyro Control System on ebay.


How many hazards can you identify?



Oh, and this isn't a Le Maitre C3D that Lincoln is looking for !

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Surely the output of pyro systems doesn't run on 240V, it's just that the bulgin connector is rated for that?

Who knows? Given the look of it anything is possible. I may just buy it out of curiosity.

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The key was lost, hence the operation switch has been by-passed, so it is ready to fire upon loading of cartridges



Whilst it's sad that people probably lost their jobs here, I can't help quietly saying 'good job too' to myself, if this is an indication of the state of their equipment and the care people took of it.


What's a spare pyro key cost? I'll tell you - 94p including VAT. So some idiot risked everyting for the sake of a phone call to Le Maitre and 94p.


Mind you, it's equally worrying that an item in a potentially dangerous condition is being offered for sale.

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Looking at some of the seller's other auctions, he is advertising a couple of "socapex" cables, one of which is actually an 8 pin DIN cable and the other is an 18 channel control cable with Pulsar-style BICC connectors.


Need I say more...

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Hmm, maybe someone should email EBay about those cables.

Misadvertised if nothing else.


And aren't there rules about posting pyrotechnics?

Like don't do it? Send it by courier so they know what they've got?


(Could be wrong about that, never needed to so it's just a gut feeling)

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