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Screen in my bass drum?


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Hey all

From the start I want to make clear this IS going to happen so all ideas will be thoroughly thought through(just to ensure you I'm not wasting your time and effort) :unsure:


I am taking part in a large performance next week (the one my glow in the dark paint thread was about) and I have had the idea of displaying video/images on the front of the three bass drums (of the kits) that us 3 drummers will be using.


I would like opinions on:


1) Do you think it would be best to cut holes in the front skin an insert a 17 inch LCD into it (If so I will probably need some sort of mounting system)


2) Would I be better off projecting an image onto the front of the bass drum skins (there will be a rather complex light show going on too)


FYI - The front skins are all old ones of mine so no one minds cutting them up/ We have projectors/ 17 inch screens ready and waiting.




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What exactly is going to be projected? Live video or a powerpoint presentation from a computer?


The other thing that will need to be considered is how to get your cabling in and out of the drum neatly. If it's VGA cabling, this will probably mean a sizeable hole somewhere to get the connectors through...

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If you project on to the drum though, the image will wobble massively every time the drum is hit!

Which can look really cool - I very much doubt this is going to be a "This year the company has lost:" style death by power point. Video content, made with this in mind could work really well. (By made with this in mind I simply mean nothing that rippling with ruin to be projected during the songs. Between songs on the other hand anything goes.). The other question is how good of a projection surface is your drum skin? I assume it's not clear?

Don't forget you need to make the projection circular unless you want the rest of the image spilling over the surrounding stage.

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Black will be no good, and drum skins are fairly reflective so..


My suggestion is to take off the front skin, and replace it with a matt white skin.

Or, take of the front ring stretch some thin white cloth over it. Replace the ring and tigthen the skin. Then trim around the drum.. thus making a round projector friendly surface. (will dampen the sound lots tho!) Then all you need to do is crop the video to a circle. You could do this by either editing all your videos on an editor and overlay a black shape with a circle in the middle, or you could use a VJ program.. Archaos has a free trial you could use, but don't know what its capable of cropping wise... I'm sure theres lots of options but those are two that come to mind.


A few things to remember is that you need space to put the projector with out your lead singer kicking it over, and that kick drums can move during a gig. so gaffa tape the legs down or somthing!

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