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MSD 200w Discharge Bulbs


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Hello . :off:


Does anyone know the cheapest place to buy MSD 200W Discharge Lamps?


Iv done a search on ebay and I can get them from canada for about £35 delivered, but I dont think they are a reputable brand. I was preferably after Philips. The cheapest I have found over here is about £65.



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You know, everyone lately seems to be asking "where can I get xyz cheaper..."


If you purchase from the same place regularly, you will set up a business relationship with that company. Ergo they will give you better pricing (perhaps not initially, but certianly longer term) because you are a regular customer!



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Iv bought items from the same company for years and have never been offered any discount. Maybe if you buy in bulk then yes, they may offer a discount but I was only after 4 bulbs.


Nobody wants to pay more for something than they haveto, and with everybody on here being in the business its likely that they know a cheaper place than me, hence why I posted in the first place.


And thank you for your reply Trunker :off:

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