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Goran Mitic

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Even I can see that they've chosen about the most inherantly un-stable design you could possibly have for that roof - it would only take 1 fixing pin to fail and the whole structure would collapse.


You can also see in the accident picture that there's a LOT more lighting rigged to the roof than in the other picture.

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Edit: Ironic rant removed



Incidentally I was discussing that style of upright with an American rigger just the other day as they're apparently used quite frequently over there, there's even one company marketing them to the entertainment industry for that very purpose.

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Essentially yes. The company marketing them (who annoyingly don't seem to have any web presence) do specify lots of safety precautions and at least for now seem to have satisfied OSHA. The bases consist of four tubes at right angles with adjustable feet rather than the two parallel tubes at the front and smaller ones at the rear which seem to be more common in the construction industry.
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Hey Gareth, Boatman and rest, hello!


ok, I was way off. Thanks guys. Yes, it is surreal. The structure failure does not impact 'common people' like impacts roadies. But I figure, if they are not talking about failure, than we should (well, you guys did)


I got hold of another photo, (small)



It seems, little load, triangle truss, too long span between support, overpressure = weakest point middle break


(plus no anchorage, and genie/lift for outside ground support)


edit: another link, more pictures:


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I can't help feeling that using the words "structure" and "structural" regarding that flimsy thing in the picture might be putting a heavier burden on those two words than they might be reasonably expected to bear. ( Apologies to "Yes, Minister" for paraphrasing)


As for the Genie-esque stands being commonly used in that manner.....? I wouldn't put that deathdtrap up INDOORS. Even a couple of 5 ton ratchet straps to triangulate the gables could have provided a bit more security.


The most worrying thing about the report was that is seemed to suggest that this kind of think happened every other week.

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