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Ipix satellites vs PixelLine Micro


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There s a few products use additional amber one of the Pixeline range think(?), Martin Stagebar and Selador with 7 seperate colours. RGB is always a problem with anything like white and pastels. Getting the colour modelling right, i.e. useable at the control end is whats going to make the difference, up a bit down a bit with 7 faders is a bit of a faff.
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We've had the I-Pix units in on demo and were fairly impressed with them. However with a price tag around £700 per unit we didn't purchase at the time. We've also looked at the Thomas offerings. These would appear to provide a higher light output but they also have a higher price tag - circa £900.


Both good units though.



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If you are looking into the addition of Amber then please take a look at the Color Split from Chroma Q.

This is a RGBA fixture. There are a couple of neater features though that give an edge.

First of all the addition of Amber gives you an 82% Color Rendition. If you are going to be using these to point at flesh then you really start to see a difference.

We have a feature called Magic Amber. This allows you treat the fixture as an RGB fixture and when you mix Red and Green then the Amber is auto magically brought in.

This means that the desk and the operator needn't worry about how much amber is needed and also you don't get the colour drift when changing colours.

You can of course run this in RGBA mode as well.

The dimming is another killer feature. The Fade and the curve on the Splits is second to none.

The Lensing is also a huge step forward. We have two different lens sets on the split, meaning that when used as a wall wash you get an extremely even wash all the way up the wall.

It features a built in PSU and 99 stand alone looks.


If you need a demo or more info then please don't hesitate in getting in touch.


Also as someone pointed out the Comet, If you need info on this product then please get in touch with myself as well.


Kind regards


Lee House

AC Lighting Ltd


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I just thought I'd a comment although I haven't used the Pixel Line Micros - although I should imagine they would b just like a pixel line just smaller - I have used the I PIXes and one thing I have noticed is the varying colors of LEDs in them, take blue especially - one job I was doing all 30 were from the same batch but there was about 6 different shades of blue and about 2 each of red and green.
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They arn't widely used in the UK but are the LED of choice for all major acts coming from the US.

Lagely due to the LED choices, much more limited, available in the US.

Its true that LED choice is a more limited in the States but to be honest ive never had a problem getting hold of any of the LED products that I Have Spec'd


I'm not so sure...I can't get hold of PixelLine easily in the States. There was a horrendously complicated lawsuit over color mixing technologies in LED lights between Color Kinetics et al, which meant for a long, long time I could only really spec CK gear (which, whilst good, isn't always the best option...).

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