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Simple rock n roll rig

The Boogie Man

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Hi Troops,


While I was putting together ideas for an led rig, I also looked into a traditional set up for my pub/club one man show.


16 par 30 cans with 100 watt lamps, 4 botex t4 bars, connectors and a jester 12/24 all in £1500 from our german friends.


A couple of things made me wonder, are my calcs correct : 1600watts divided by 240 volts = 6.6amps.


Also, in comparison to par 64/56, not as bright, but compared to 16 budget leds ?




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Current calc sounds right.


Par 30, guess ES lamps, not going to last very well getting trucked about, stick a saturated blue in front and the LED wins,<edited to add> and they change colour. Budget LED can not replacement for a 64 though.

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If you pay about £200 for a 24w LED par 64, they will be slightly brighter than 500w par 56 (we had one tested in the shop I sometimes work in). But there again this is not budget price ;-)


Depends on the effect you want to achieve. If you just want a selection of colour washes, that one LED 64 would probably replace a bar of 6 ordinary 56s. Even with budget 56s, you're looking at £200 minimum for the 6 by the time you buy lamps, gel, plugs, etc.


Lot easier to store and transport too. They're not going to do quite what a traditional rig would do, but for a one man show the time and space saving may well be worthwhile.

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