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GVG Lighting scanners


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I can get hold of brand new mojo scan 2s for £75 or the mojo scan 3s for £99 these have rotating gobos but only three.
Well then that does sort of put you in a bit of a dilemma..


If you can get the 2's (what you have already - If I read your other posts correctly) then I'd perhaps say get more of the 2's.. The way I see it, its a toss up between do you want uniformity in your rig (all the colours/gobos in your rig match up) and at cheap price. Or do you want something new/different, that gives you the same features that you have with your existing rig (admittedly with different/non matching gobo's possibly colours) but with the extra 'trick' of having a dimmer.


Depends if you ever do anything remotely theatre'y or gigs.


One thing I just remembered.. thought I'd add it in seeing as there's been some discussion on 24v/250w vs 150w HTI lamps. The mojo scan 1, 2 & 3's do also come in the 150w Discharge flavour.. You just have to pay a bit more for them. Seems like uprating lamps to low end discharge is becoming a trend.. IIRC, the ACME Winners/Rovers (and all the copies by various co's) are all being released in different lamped versions..


Just an observation..




*edit - added comment on mojo's/discharge lamps*

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Please be aware that the 24v 250w halogens often used by this sort of scanner or moving head is also available in long life variants - 500 hour and 1000 hour, and both available from CPC (I'm sure Chris will correct me if I'm wrong) and also places such as Electrovision and others.



EFR in the SSC2 is an unusual 15V 150w, its not so much the rated life of the lamp which is 50 hours MTBF but in an SSC2 the poor things are so starved of air they`re unlikely to see double figures in hours.


Long life lamps tend to be slighlty dimmer with lower colour temp due to thicker filament construction, but main problem in moibile applications is lamps dying from non old age related causes, being knocked while running or packed before properley cool. Long life lamps usually stand a better chance in installations.


Seeing Thomann do a 150W discharge bubble for less than 20 quid nowadays makes them a lot more attractive on long term running cost, install or mobile.

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Hi can someone confirm where you get these scanners from at £99 as I havent yet had a reply from the website linked in the first post.


hope you can help



Click the link in the first post "GVG SCANNER" you can buy from there but you have to do it via telephone.


Very nice helpfull people.


Ive decided to stick with what ive got at the minute.


GOing to buy 2 more mojo scans.

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I agree with most of the other posts disoc DMX scanners that cheap WITH dimmers are rare so id grab them. but make sure you look at the warrenty and gaurintee but they seem alright.


I've seen a pair of these scanners in action and I'm dubious about how they describe them. From what I could tell they have a single colour/gobo wheel, but do create some interesting effects (like gobo shake and drift) using the barrell. I also noticed that their web site doesn't refer to a Dimmer anymore either... By the way, why is having a dimmer useful anyway (spot the beginner?)


I came across this forum & post because I'm thinking about buying a pair of their DMX LED Scans (I'm getting fed up with changing halogen bulbs!) and I'm trying to work out if they're any good or not (as they only have 18 LED's I'd expect the amount of patterns/effects they can generate to be pretty limited - has anyone had any experience of similar LED fixtures?)





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As a service engineer I have actually worked with most if not all of these budget lights.


The GVC barrel scanners (same as TS5 from Thomann) (non led) I confirm do have a dimmer, the lamp on the ones I worked on was a EHJ not ELC, but from the lamp holder plate I could see thius was designed for many different lamps intrestingly enough including discharge.


I had a lot of problems with lamp holders in this unit , and be wary this is a very heavy scanner, due to the old style transformer inside. Mirror movement on slow is jerky at best. but apart from that all the components are standars off the shelf.


The other style of fixture ie the led barrel scan, with the extrusion exterior, these are from the same factory as the Martin equivelent, the lamp is a 15 volt 150 watt , but due to the electronic transformer dimming is uneven at best, so not really veru useful for theatre / cabaret productions. the biggest problem with these is the construction, they are an absolute pig to work on. and the colour dichroics fall off really easily due to bad manufacture.


hopr this helps a bit. I agree with previous posts buy a discharge lamp unit from Thoman in the TS range. more money initially but less hastle in long term use.

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It may be worth looking on ebay for Abstract VRXs.


I've found them pretty cheaply on there and I have to say with their 150W discharge lamps (I've seen them up next to the Thomann 150 discharges as well, they blew them away) and decent optics they are a very bright, reliable and impressive scanner. They also have VERY good sound to light programs and they have a modular construction so service is easy! (The company I work for has 12 of them and I own 4, so maybe I am a bit biased!)

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