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Miniscan HPE problem


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Ello BR.

Another question from my humble self.


One of my Miniscan HPE's fans (240V biggy) died last week so I opened it up, changed it and put it together. When I plugged the IEC in the fuse holder it exploded. Litereally sparks coming from the holder!

This of course gave me a massive fright (not shock :)) and so I changed the fuses and tried it again. Both fuses exploded again. So I'm not doing that again!

It's sitting to get serviced but what do you think the problem is? Do you think there's a connection with the fan change?



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The fan you replaced it with....

Was it a) new and b) the correct manufacturer's recommended replacement?



sounds to me like the fan is shorting to earth, I would try the fan out the case of the product. if it is a 230v fan just connect to a normal 13 amp plug but with a 3 amp fuse in. if this then works it has proved your scan I faulty.


be carefully dont touch the metal cassing

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