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A&H mixers!


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If you can make do with 10 mono channels and two stereo, consider the A&H WZ3:14:4:2.... - it gives you four subgroups, and can even be linked to one of their larger desks (or another Mixwiz) for bigger jobs.




to be honest - having used our 14-4-2 WZ3 for small bands (not what we bought it for by the way) I'd personally sacrifice the subs for the extra mic channels in this situation. (we use the subs / groups as discreet outputs for flexibility in routing in a theatre situation, which is the desk's main role)


I definitely agree with the majority that A&H offer you great value for money - a nice solid reliable (in my experience) desk.

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im just about to buy a 2nd hand flightcased ML3000-24 tomorrow....


the replies in this have scared me slightly and I will be sure to check every channel before I buy it......



as for A&H in general.... the reputation it very high.

everyone I talk to recomends it.....


I shall write some more when buy it and have it up.

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We just got a good deal on a A&H GL2800 32 channel, its a really good desk, sound quality has improved (proving our old desk was past its best by date) and it is really easy to find out way around (being unqualified and untrained operators in our venue!). We are really pleased with it. :(
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I've had nothing but a splendid experience with A&H. I ran a GL4000 40 channel for a large church in the US. We routinely used all 40 channels and I always found the desk to be very operator friendly. Especially like the mute groups. Desk has never let us down. The company I worked for in US has sold many GLs and Mixwizards.


In my entire time with the company in the US we only had one A&H desk come back. It had failed the day before Christmas Eve, and the desk was needed on Christmas Eve. A&H organised to have a replacement GL 4000 overnighted from the UK at no charge (I should note that the desk that failed was out of warranty.) That kind of customer service has me sold on their products.


At my current job, we have an A&H Icon Mixer in our hire stock which has been abused, only thing to go on it, was a single fader due to fluid spillage.

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I use a 48ch ML3000, which is just over two years old now. Can't say I've had any trouble with it, apart from snapping a pot off ;) . A friend of mine uses loads of A&H desks; was mixing last night on a GL2200 24ch, no problems. He also uses GL4000, ML3000 and MixWizard.


An amusing aside was when my ML was out on a show with my 02R. The Yammie handled the radio mics and the ML the orchestra. Member of am-dram society ambles up to mix position, looks at ML3000, and quips: 'We went to see <insert name of show, can't remember what it was> in London last month and they had a desk half the size of that' 'Hmm, yes' replied I. 'And it probably cost twenty times as much' :huh:

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