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Buying lighting


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I hope this sort of question is allowed on these forums and I hope its in the right place. ;)


Where do you buy your lighting online? (If you do)


Where do you buy your lighting offline? (If you do) :P

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Bit of an odd question, but here goes:-


New - Who are agents for the lantern I want, then who offers the best price/delivery/service ratio.

Second Hand - Whoever is offering something that fits with my desires/needs.

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Well - the question is allowed, but you need to explain it. I buy lighting from Screwfix and B&Q - I also buy lighting from quite a few on-line suppliers, and dealers. They all do similar/different kit - so the question should be where do you buy an XYZ123 from? Then you'll get some answers - BUT be prepared to discount many of them as they will be all different. We all have our favourites for certain items, and often price is not the key feature - but maybe for you it is?


So let us have a few details.

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ok, well im just looking for shops and online stores that sell DJ Equipment
In that case, whilst you MAY get some answers from some of the members here, we're not necessarily the best place for good answers, as this is primarily a theatre forum.


(And for those who may protest, note that I said best place)


You'd be better off looking in a DJ type forum.


That said, two places I would look were I in the market for DJ style gear are Thomann and CPC.

And of Course, Ebay for both new and (mainly) 2nd-hand.

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For out and out cheapo DJ gear www.decks.co.uk is the cheapest in the UK. They seem to have been set up to make the least profit possible and as such almost all items are trade price + a few percent mark up. They will also price match and so most of the stuff is as cheap as you will find it anywhere and a lot of it is signifcantly less than list price and much less than a lot of pro audio dealers.


Thomann has some stonking bargins on certain lines, but other things can be quite expensive, always worth a look. The 15 euro flat rate delivery charge for anything from a safety bond to a pair of 100kg bassbins is amazing.


For consumables (plugs, cable, tools, usb missile launchers etc) CPC is pretty much as cheap as it gets. Though be prepared to have your letterbox spammed twice a week forever more once you order something from them ;)


Personally for most of my lighting and sound stuff I use TMC, firstly because they're local but secondly because the sales staff know they're stuff and the service backup is fantastic - XTA go bang at 9pm on a Friday? Get a service spare within an hour! Not the sort of place you can ring up and say "will you match decks.co.uk for the price of a CDJ-1000", but if your willing to pay that little bit extra for the support that is available post sale you can't go far wrong :P

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