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Flapping flags needed


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Hi all,


I'm making a video for the World Scout Jamboree to introduce people to the different parts of the UK. Anyway for it we need the flags of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, ideally all flapping, a bit like this, although that's the wrong Northern Ireland flag. That's basically where our issue comes, we contacted the guy who made that and the others, and he seemed keen to do it, but now we can't get in contact with him. So does anyone know of any sources for, or can make using a piece of 3D software, those flags? I imagine it shouldn't be too hard, just some sort of mesh you add the picture too, then repeat for each one, I had a quick Google and couldn't see anything although I'm not sure I have the time to pick up a relevant piece of software anyway.


So can anyone help, it's for charity, so free would be good, but I think there is some money available.


Thanks in advance,



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Two links that may help you out :







Managed to find something much better and cheaper : http://www.geliosoft.com/3d-flag-screensavers/index.html


Buying the full version only costs £10 and there is a demo version. You just then need a way to capture the VGA signal and record it, but I imagine that wouldnt be too hard.

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Is that politically correct? Are you trying to re-ignite "The Troubles"? Or is it accepted over there?
When I first skim read the wiki article it did seem to mention the flag wasn't used since the 70s, however reading more carefully it mentioned some other support and usage, the problem being there doesn't seem to be an alternative NI only flag. The official one is the Union Jack, which doesn't really suit what we're doing or identify it as NI. Essentially it's someone else's decision, so I don't need to worry too much. :( Also if we only start a civil war it will be an achievement, I think we've got over 100 countries represented, so we've got plenty of opportunities for a full blown war. :P


How did Gareth do or get his avatar flag???
some .gif flags not good quality but will do.
Thanks for the ideas guys, and I too would be guessing Gareth's is a gif and was sourced from one. There are unfortunately two issues with most of the gifs I've found, firstly there low quality, we're outputting at Widescreen PAL, so a lot of the available gifs will look rather rough. Also the whole Northern Ireland thing means I'm struggling to find an animated version of it, hence relevant software is the best bet. We're also ideally looking at animating a few other scout specific flags, which I doubt would have been done before, so again specific software suits that. Anyway Zaxwerks looks like the best option, unless someone knows of something free/cheaper or has some exisiting software and could generate a few for me?
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Just to let people know we went with Zaxwerks 3D Flags in the end, which seems to be a very powerful plugin, although it seems to take ages to render in Premiere, so thanks for finding that 3guk. Flaggr looked kind of promising, although rather low res and a brief skim of the code behind it didn't instantly reveal a way to improve the frame rate or resolution. So thanks for all your help everyone. If you want to see the finished result then tune into the Community Channel on Sky or Virgin Media (with a repeat on Freeview), more details here, and it's not very often I get to say that! ;)
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