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What OS Do You Use


What OS Do you Use  

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  1. 1. What OS Do you Use

    • Mac OS
    • Windows XP Pro
    • Windows XP Home
    • Other Windows
    • Linux
    • Other (State)

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So come on then people, some one suggested it in the "IT and your Job" poll, what OS do you use and Why.


Do you like the look on the Mac OS, or is it the compatability of Windows XP Home, or the IIS facilities of Windows XP Pro, or the stability of Linux. Whatever it is that turns you on - post it here (in a computer sense - no dirty posts plz)




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I use Microsoft XP Professional, and sewar by it.


Easy to use interface some good features and never crashes (for me anyway)


However word of advice- I would never load XP onto a machine which hasnt allready got it on at manufactiure (i.e. dont load XP onto a system built for 98)


Did this on a PB when XP first dame out and my packard Bell went mad. Lost all the drivers and it never functioned again properly!!


Now I have a top spec Dell! Dell make the best computers, most reliable brand even if they are a bit on the expensive side.

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On my iBook, I'm on Mac OSX.2.8. Mostly because I'm too tight to pay for an upgrade to 10.3. And that's not for the look - its super stable and just soooo easy to use. Example: to make the PC talk to my bluetooth dongle took several days and searching german websites, rudimentally translating them and finally it ran one time out of five. On the Mac, it worked first time, in about 20 seconds.


My PC runs Windows 98se, which is the biggest pile of **** I've seen for a while.

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As I said in the earlier post.


I use.


Win 98 SE

Win 2K Pro

Win 2K Server

Win XP Home

Win XP Pro


Linux RH 8

Linux Suse 7


Irix 6.5.22




I Agree with running a suitable OS for the age of the machine - for example I have a 166 P1 laptop with 98SE and it runs as fast as my 1.7G Celeron 2K machine.


The one thing I don't like is ME - I've never liked that one...

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I have mostly been using Win XP pro for my lap top - very stable and easy to use, Win 2000 pro for my workstation - not too fussed on this one, and OS for my G4 at home - fantastic for graphics and design packages.... and they all talk to each another!!
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I use Windows ME (yes, I said ME)


I have been using it for about 2 years now. NEVER EVER HAD A PROBLEM THAT WAS WINDOWS RELATED.


I love it. It runs everything I need. Cool edit, Goldwave, LCedit+, Photoshop, Nero, the lot. Like water off a ducks back.


I have given it a bit of a spruce up though. I have blended the XP look into it. All the icons, and sounds are for XP. Quite cool.



Don't knock it.




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