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Laser measuring tool


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Thanks for all the replies - very useful. I am after something for using on site visits for jobs, so it does need to be pretty accurate. The leica stuff seems to be good so may well get work to go that way..


Is the 200m range essential? Possibly not, if the jobs in question are indoors. If you're willing to accept a nominal range of 100m instead the cost comes down quite a bit.

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Another vote for Leica,


I have a new version A5 and its great, worth the money, mainly as it will read speaker foam from over 100m, which is a must for setting delays and flying PA.


all of the units mentioned are not big, but I would never wear mine on a belt! just keep it in the laptop bag till needed


Mine came from a surveying company as they were doing 2 of us a good price as we wanted a few at the same time. so maybe see if you can find a friend who wants one at the same time and strike a better deal?



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Leica Disto A3 all the way baby! Great piece of kit, and the range is more than adequate for 99% of the work I do. Got it from Screw Fix.


Plus I trust leica, as they know their stuff- They produce survey equipment that can give you +/-10mm over 1000m type ranges. While at Uni the Leica Rep came in and explained their GPS systems, and how they could work to around +/-10mm vertically and about +/-5mm horizontally over the entire length of a Motorway building project. I remember achieving sub 5mm acuracy over a 500m long leveling exercise with a change of about 30m vertically just using optical levels and theodolites while in our second year....(And the telescope on the Theodolite was always good for watching the talent...). Ah the joys of a Civil Engineering Degree.


Also be aware- some 'Laser' Products have the red light for aiming at what you want to measure. They then actually use Ultrasound to take the distance. These units typically have a 'Funnel' at the sharp end, with the laser recessed into that funnel. The true Laser Measures will have a glass window for the emitter and receiver.

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