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Help with cost values of lights


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Well, I've been asked to draw up a document regarding some lights we've had for about 5 years now. Turns out we don't own them at all and have been hiring them the whole time.


Anyway, they want me to stick an RRP and very-rough second-hand price to the following fixtures:


Coemar iSpot 575

Martin Wizard

Abstract VRX

Antari Fazer


This is a lot easier said than done, especially since most of these fixtures are no longer on sale!


Basically so far from a lot of googling and guestimation I have managed to compile the following:


Item RRP 2nd Hand


iSpot 575 ? ?

Wizard 1000 ?

VRX 500 ?

Fazer 350 ?


I know this is a very vague topic but could you please help me by correcting/inserting RRP values where you know mine are incorrect and giving what you would say is a very rough, but reasonably fair offer for each component if it was in good working order.





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You've been paying a hire fee for 5 years???


Personally I'd be talking to the hire co about them writing these off, as I'd bet you've paid more than a second hand purchase price already! Maybe even price new!!!.

And let's face it, these could well have not been new when your hire began, thus reducing the perceivable value further.

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That's exactly what we're planning to do. I was as shocked to be told that my lights which I was about to flog don't actually belong to us! Finance are going to talk to them... it just happens that they want me to make up a list with the RRPs and actual values of the units themselves. Hence this thread...
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The AC lighting site is always good for getting list prices.


Real world prices are probably 10-15% below that if you're buying a single unit at a time, but that's difficult to "prove" so you may have to settle for list.

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It may be beneficial to get the prices for a current equivalent model too. For insurance purposes this is always useful and always quote it at full list. For your purpose, though, it would be sensible to work it at a percentage off as I gather you are looking at basing calculations on a purchase price.



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