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Microphone selection - please help


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I have a major problem at home with plumbing noise which needs to be recorded as nobody (the experts) believes it is happening.


I tried using a digital dictaphone but the recordings contain a lot of white noise (background) which overwhelm the humming/vibration noise and bangs/thuds coming from the pipes. You can clearly hear the noise with the human ear.


Therefore, can anyone help with advice for which type of or a particular microphone brand/model to use which will eliminate background noise (the room where I am recording is small and silent) or can produce results close to human hearing. Bearing in mind I don't have a large budget - but would hire the equipment if a suitable hire place is availble in London. I can record to a mini disc hifi or portable minidisc recorder.


Any advice much appreciate as my noisy pipework is driving me mad.





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Hi Mark,


Slightly strange application, but I've heard weirder...


For the microphone you have two choices:


(a)Omni-directional model (e.g. AKG SE300 + CK92 capsule). This will pick up all sound in the room from all directions. Good for creating a natural recording.


(b)Cardioid model (e.g. AKG SE300 + CK91 capsule) which will pick up from the direction in which it is pointed and help eliminate some of the background.


In both cases a stand should be used to remove handling noise.


To minimise electrical noise, you should also get a separate mic pre-amplifier - either in the form of a small mixer or a 'field' mixer. The output of this can then be fed into your minidisc.


All these components should be readily available to hire from a professional sound company.


Hope this helps.



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If the room your recording in is small and silent then whats causing the background noise? If your trying to convince someone of something, the more natural the recoding is the better. Why not put a digital video in the room and leave. when the noise starts use the remote control to turn it on.
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