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Manchester's Hacienda


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Hi BR,

Very random this but I've been very interested in Manchester's classic Hacienda nightclub, both for groundbreaking interior design and also it's technical aspects.

I was just wondering if anyone knew what the specs were for the nightclub, both sound and lighting? From pictures, it seems they only used banks of pars but for a club that was open until 1997 they must have moved on somewhat? Also, did they sell their Crown amps to another nightclub not in the UK (heard through the grapevine).

Any info (or experiences!) would be great.



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Indeed. Some old Goldenscans which allegedly came out of the Hacienda when it closed were recently sold on Ebay. Wouldn't really like to specualte as to what sort of condition they'd be in after all this time, though! :santa:


Remember ,er, a few years ago , someone trying to sell me some very battered , square, PAR 64 cans with the claimed provenance that they came off an early Pink Floyd tour.

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