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Jem ZR12 DMX


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I need to identify whether the fault on our Jem ZR12 is down to the remote control/DMX interface. I think that it is, but before I go down the line of ordering a new one I'd like to prove it! My local friendly SLX rep can't find one that's available (panto season, after all!) even for a day, so here's hoping someone may have one they can let me borrow - preferably local to me here in the Midlands....



Any ideas guys??

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Hi Ynot,


If you're still looking, I may be able to help.


PM me if required.



I'd like to express my public thanks to Glyn, who I managed to meet up with this morning (in between the shows at the Tamworth Snowdome!) and who allowed me the use of his ZR remote to prove that mine was, well, knackered, to put not too fine a point on it!


There goes £120, then, for a replacement!

Oh well.


Cheers Glyn.

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