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Any good deals going on PAR64s / PAR56s currently?


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Tomorrow I'll be getting £200 from our budget for some much needed extra lighting stock, and decided that cheaper and simpler lights were the way to go to maximise return for our investment. I have decided to buy some PAR Cans which will be used in small studio style spaces.


Anyone spotted a surprise amazing deal on 64s or 56s recently? Our usual suppliers have fairly "normal" prices on them - just wondering if anyone can tip me off on a good price.


I need to get as many as I can including a bulb and 15A plug each, plus 1 or 2 spare bulbs, for £200. Places which are flexible with colleges and schools would be good, as I might be able to barter a bit.





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Leisuretec have some offers on at the mo, remember seeing a leaflet from them a couple of days ago. will have a look on the desk tomorrow.


Off the top of my head, was about £10 a can, of you bgut at least 10. but they come to bare ends, so you will have to find some 15a or 16a plugs for them.


Haing just written the last, I have remembered that Leisuretec are a 'trade only' supplier, and will only supply installers or resellers. (And they are really picky at who they give acounts to !)

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AC have a pretty good deal going on Ebay - ebay link, don't forget to add VAT into your calculations on the item and the delivery - my rough guess makes 4 inc VAT & delivery to £145. This should leave you enough to buy a spare lamp, 15A plugs, hookclamps and safety bonds from them as well, or any other theatrical supplier. It'll be tight, but should be possible.


To be honest, this is as cheap as I'd go as cans any cheaper than this rarely have the ability to rotate the lamp in the back of the can as they have a mesh over the hole, or no hole at all! In the past when I've used or bought Vision pars, they have had a Parsafe with them but it would be worth mailing AC to ask if these ones do.


Hope this helps, good luck.


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Tomorrow I'll be getting £200 from our budget for some much needed extra lighting stock,

Last time I looked, Thomann were still selling the multi-pars for around £50, so you could get maybe 8 of those....


In fact - here you go.


£51.75 inc vat (plus carriage) so I make that £44 + vat each & carriage

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In the end I bought 4 long PAR56s with bulbs, clamps, plugs and chains for about £145 (excl VAT, which we'll be claiming back).


Probably going to spend the rest on some maintenence of old lights. If you find that £10 deal do let me know :angry: as I'll be buying some for myself fairly soon!


And Ynot, 8 x £50 = £400 last time I checked ¬_¬

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