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His Dark Materials


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Has anyone seen either part of the His Dark Materials productions at the National yet?  Unfortunatly I won't be able to get to see it (unless they extend the run?)... Would really love to hear about it though.


I got tickets for HDM last year, unfortunately I didn't make it to part 1, but went to see part 2 and to be honest I was a bit disappointed, probably 'cos the guys at the NT had given it such a big build up and told me how wonderful it was, that when I got to see it in the flesh it couldn't live up to build up.

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I'd concur with that, Andy. I enjoyed it as a production, but I thought it wasn't quite worth all the hype. I don't know how much of the production was a remount and whether there were many cuts between the first run and the one I saw.


However, as I've said before, I would thoroughly recommend reading the books, which truely are magical.

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I've just seen it. Both parts in one day.


I think that I would have been disappointed seing both halves separately I think there were a lot of interesting features, and the droom played as big a part as any of the other actors.


I think that as someone who reads and enjoys fantasy material I enjoyed watching someone take on the challenge and not being put off but some of the more fantastic elements of the show.


I could not see it being staged anywhere else due to its reliance on the Olivier's facilities.

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